About Us

About Us

GLab Company was founded in 2006 by specialists from the production department of the "BK" company, in Lviv.
Founders of our company have worked on the market of telecommunication, security systems and smart home technologies since 1995.
During this time, our specialists developed:

G&K-15 - one of the first GSM communicators on the Ukrainian market
Dantom-3D - the first Ukrainian alarm control panel
ST-704 - 4 zone central, that has been in high demand for over a decade

G&K-01M - universal security systems communicator
G&K-02 - security systems communicator
Power supplies for PS-10, PS-20, PS -40 security systems
KM-700 - communicator for Satel alarm control panels
EX-700 - expansion card for Satel alarm control panels, as well as for ST-704
ST-764F - 16 channel controller for fire alarm lines
CD2000 - universal card for video intercom
KU-01i - universal security communicator
8 zone alarm control panel with NCS-GSM-communicators

G&K-30 (TS DIM4) - 4 channel smart home power management module
G&K-31 (TS REL8) - 8 channel smart home relay module
G&K-33 (TS TEMP4) - smart home analog input module
G&K-34 (TS VDC4) - 4 channel 0-10V control module
LED3 LED strips module with 0-10 V control
LED3-DMX LED strip module with control over DMX512 control
and a lot more.

Working on the Ukrainian market for 13 years.
We are constantly improving the stability and usability of our devices.
Our devices are versatile and compatible with many well-known alarm control systems.